In the early work contained herein you will find a wide array of pieces, specifically designed to serve as a mass of studies condensed into a limited group. In this period I was working with the intent of learning, and serving that learning above the direct result of my pieces. Each session, had it been possible or desired to record them separately and in their original order, was a direct line of forward movement. The pieces themselves are enslaved to whatever use they could serve beneath the sessions in which they were worked on and the ulterior purpose for which they were developed.

It was a period of intense color study, technique study, materials study, beginning form exploration, and is seemingly a divergent group. What is seemingly divergent is a calculated engineering of a necessary artistic foundation built for the artist’s sake well above the sake of a specific aesthetic, approached in an organic fashion. Rather than see the early work of a given artist as strictly study based, perhaps uncreative and form intensive such as the work of a particular school or structurally founded work (practice in drawing and the like), you will find my early work to shadow the progression of child development. In studying known artists we almost always find a period of development that enters a structure, is enslaved to that structure, and then breaks free of it with a strong structural foundation based on it but with a sensibility or style that breaks free of or beyond it. That is a hypocrisy in some ways, as the foundations of the work still exist in that which was broken down and rejected. My early development was designed to not reach too far into one study in order to not have to destroy it in order to progress. I have treated it from the very beginning as the rebirth of a child. Developing all forms and sensibilities gradually and in conjunction. So you will see works here that have been attempted fully but have simplicity in all facets of overall design and execution. The divergence in the works pictured here disguises an underlying dedication to a progression dutifully adhered to for the artist. These are the physical representation of that period and the only relic of that time, but not the ultimate result of it. Read through my theory in the blog for a far deeper look on the method behind my work.

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