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This is where you will find any and all bio information on me, Matthew Adam. Don’t expect much but expect what you find to be honest and possibly sarcastic or laced with a skeptical tilt. I’m not a natural at home with self promotion in the same way I am with thought and art.

In most cases my work will speak for itself. I put a great degree of my focus on my work and learning. But take comfort in knowing that in lieu of that, I am relentless in pursuit of perfection in my work. The flip side of the lack of pomp will be the quality of work instead. My version of self promotion is to promote from within.

Personal info:

I began painting in oils when I was 6. That was an introduction, not necessarily a long standing relationship. Throughout my years age 6-18 art was a readily available skill of mine put to good yet occasional use, but not a personal pursuit. I partook in bits and pieces, it had been a steady undercurrent neither taking hold nor fading away for too long.

Following 3 years of college, I attended a fine art school for a period. There I was taught some very bare fundamentals of color and painting and drawing from life. Looking back, it was basic and limited in comparison to my current pursuits. Just a few years ago I decided to take fine art seriously for the first time. What happened in the decade from art school to my return to art? Personal development, first and foremost. The development and capture of true sight within, the placement of a proper foundation for life and art. The long journey for personal truths. I cannot possibly stress how much I found this crucial to the present and future of my life on this earth, and all the following steps with art I am now taking.

If you like something a bit more defined for biographical information, you might enjoy this. May be a bit of a mockery, but what did you expect in attempting to quantify a human being in any vessel smaller than a life?

If you would like to know more detailed information on me feel free to contact me for a CV, resume, or specific answers. Heck, call me on the phone instead of relying on a digital pulse to tell you my life story. I am always available to provide transparency.

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Total Mockery!!

I am a pop culture kid. My imagination of dreams come from pop culture bullshit. Sometimes, I don’t do art for art, for fine art. I have no previous identity with that. My current identity, and in the same respect my fine art identity, they are self made in more ways than just in regards to schooling. Not only am I self-taught, but self-discovered as well. This may be a big reason why I do not pursue pop art, and see it as something I am not a natural fit for. It might be easy to do that type of art if I was reminiscent of it. I am not. Everything pop culture built inside of me from my youth and developmental age is one big commercial – not true to what life actually consists of. I do not see art in that way, nor do I wish to incorporate that into my art world. Art without truth to life lacks seeing, and while it may align itself with product, sales, success, and other worldly concerns, I cannot find a way to reconcile it with me. I have prescribed to all the stereotypes of pop – divorce, TV taught, suburbs, lottery winner fantasies, etc.. Baseball cards, skateboards, bikes, teenage awkwardness, college drunkenness, and on and on. I’ve been it all. The pop dream inside of me began it’s descent toward death when I found myself questioning the meaning of life at age 12, then proceeded to end up in a life I did not understand by age 21. Schooling, dreams, and worldly pursuits died with my former self, and it took years to rebuild a real self out of nothing. Through art I am returning to a worldly pursuit on my own terms.