Blog introduction

I am using the blog as a tool to support my work in multiple ways. It will help to explain my theory behind the images I create. Concurrently it will serve as my notebook on theory, works, and whatever other use I can make of it afa notes, studies, etc. To both sort and develop my work and inform the viewer with as much background on the work as possible. You will find it to be another way for me to provide a high level of transparency in my work, something I feel is a very necessary element of my art.

By and large, the written material you find here is more heavily focused on the artist’s internal process as opposed to general theory, aesthetics, art history, methods and material, or reposted internet articles that form the basis of many other blogs. The writings here are by and large developmental and philosophical in nature. Defining the nature of the artist asking questions of himself, facing obstacles, and process of defining one’s self as an artist as well as relating the self to art and vice versa. It is also intensely focused on solving the problems presented by the contemporary views within postmodernism.

I am knitting this all together bit by bit, as reverse engineered theory. In my mind it is complete as a feeling and purpose, in the blog I will be fleshing out the complete thought behind that purpose. It cannot follow the model of the traditional blog, it is essentially a mental sketchbook and a way for me to capture thoughts that have been bouncing around my head in one form or another for a long time. As time goes on, I am going to try to connect the dots in a way where it will become more like a book than a blog. For now it is unformed as a whole but well considered as individual articles that interrelate, as much a work in progress as I am as an artist.

In some cases there will be posts to support particular works, and possibly some posts simply about study material or personal commentary. I’m going to toss it all in to keep as complete a record as possible.

You won’t find me quoting or footnoting very often. Even if I am teaching myself something that is already known within the art world, out there, written and understood 400 years ago, I will discover it on my own path. That is not a rejection of help or input, or of the established art world. I must follow my own process with it to reach necessary answers, it is more than necessary for me to do so. Through that process I can discover new thought and open new realms, giving due to a depth of understanding of existing thought through my own eyes and within myself. More often than not I am looking for the flaw or incomplete picture of what is already out there, and adding to it or piecing it together in this blog (as well as in my head). All the material here is original thought, unless otherwise clearly stated which it will be if that is the case.

You will find many references to the same artists or works and less or no references to others, for a reason. I believe there to be a handful of marking points in the history of art that reveal important changes, changes that must be addressed and in cases, revised. This is not an indictment of certain artists, movements, or a proclamation of lesser work versus greater work. In order to complete my theory my aim is to understand the big picture through the events that more heavily determine that picture.

A friendly warning – Because of the empirical nature of the theory presented in this blog, it requires a commitment to reading more than one passage. Many of the thoughts laid out are heavily interrelated and do not relay their meaning without the conjunction of other connected thoughts. So read!

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