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Matthew Adam Industrioti Painting

My work centers around a fundamental reformation of the artistic creative process and the methods in which the artist relates to his and her own art, and most importantly, the self.

The aim is to create the ability within the artist, the ability to freely compose and create images with knowledge and training serving as a method of developing the self, and the path of learning to develop intuitive tools rather than linear skills. To achieve the sentient use of available structural, expressive, and philosophical modes of visual communication. Sentient being the key element, within the self of the artist first and foremost so it may exist within the art with every question asked of it.

The artist is to understand the meaning and purpose behind the spectrum of artistic choices and wield that understanding and meaning, rather than exist within those established choices, blindly. To no longer follow, as has been throughout history, the definition of the artist’s use according to commercial contribution, trade needs, propagandist capture, or the artist’s own desire to carve a comfortable niche of uniqueness upon which to rest a lifetime’s identity as a memorial bust unto him or herself. Art has never seen a day in this world’s forward movement where all things visual have been possible, and the work existed only for speaking through creation. It is so evident, so possible, and yet so overlooked.

I do not prescribe to postmodernist notions of a lack of decided truths within the artist, and the place of art as a method of rejecting meaning in favor of a blind and undirected search of aesthetic and niche. Nor do I prescribe to the neo-expressionist formless interpretations of the self as regurgitated art. Falling into a void of rejection has not defined a new direction for art, nor has the proof of technical skill created a purpose for the artist to create.

My work seeks to redefine that purpose, seeing art as it exists through the ages and moves forward. This is a critical vantage point in history where organized art lacks a true perch within culture outside of it’s commerce, and the artist is no more than a curiosity in lighthearted career discussion at cocktail hour. But all things can be seen from this point in art, and collected as pieces of a new language driven from an undercurrent of personal meaning and how effectively it can translate from one individual to another. A comprehensive reformation of artistic, aesthetic, historical, and philosophical order based on the merging of what is defined and known and yet up until this point has not been defined and known in an empirical sense. I seek to define the interrelation of what is possible in art – to organize the “everything has been done” and it’s myriad pieces. To place those pieces within meaning, and use them as aesthetic tools to wield and form images and messages of deeper meaning.

My work is boiled down to certain specifics for the sake of illustrating my theory. Painting in oils, figurative work, and formative subject matter depicted in isolation best assist in conveying the message I am seeking to illustrate clearly. Painting to buck the notion that painting is dead. Oils for their versatility and being the painting standard. Figurative work to best communicate directly with a viewer how he or she knows the self – through the self. And formative subject matter in isolation to illustrate this reformation of the self. After I feel that has been defined sufficiently, all things visual art are wide open and the language of visual art within a schema of meaning is ready to be explored and wielded for the long lost purpose of true and unadulterated sentient creation.

I delve much deeper into the relationship of the art to the artist, my studio methods, my underlying theory, and the resurrection of painting as a supremely valid art form in my blog and the notes attached to my work.

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